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Amen Season 1 Episode 5

Rolly has his eye on the waitress at the diner around the corner, but he is too shy to approach her. So he asks Deacon Frye to approach her on his behalf. Deacon Frye meets the waitress named Leona and finds out she doesn’t even know who Rolly is. But since she’s so attractive, he decides to ask her out himself. But while having a romantic get-together at her place, they are surprised by the unexpected return of her husband. Deacon Frye narrowly escapes without getting caught, but when he stops by to tell Rolly what happened, Rolly makes a date with the real waitress he’s had his eye on, Hannah. Oddly enough, he doesn’t even know who Leona is.

Serie: Amen

Episode Title: Rolly Falls in Love

Air Date: 1986-11-08