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Antiques Road Trip Season 19 Episode 11

Avuncular veteran road tripper James Braxton takes a spin across the south east with youthful novice Izzie Balmer. She’s an auctioneer with a penchant for jewellery, but will she take the crown with her jewels?

James gets waylaid by a heady brew of beer and witchcraft, and Izzie bumps into painted ladies and monarchs while discovering how the art of tattooing became popular in the west. A potter’s wheel encourages James to channel his inner Patrick Swayze, while Izzie reveals herself to be more in tune with famous Scottish bard Robert Burns.

Tring Tring! Tring Tring! Hello? Yes, they’re on their way to the Hertfordshire town for auction. Who knows whether age or beauty will triumph?

Episode Title: Episode 11

Air Date: 2019-09-16