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Cover Up Season 1 Episode 3

Eric Dukane is a foreign diplomat who is a serial killer, who has managed to evade the law by either creating iron clad alibis or using his diplomatic immunity. Cody, a lawman from Fort Worth whose daughter was one of Dukane’s victims has been following wherever he goes. When Dukane uses his diplomatic immunity again and leaves the country, Cody throws away his badge and goes after him. Dani and Mac are sent to make sure that Cody doesn’t do anything. When Dukane sets his sights on one of Dani’s models, they decide to try and trap him. However, it turns out that Dani is his real target and he has her, Cody confronts him with a gun but is hesitant to shoot but Mac, who is a trained marksman convinces Dukane to give up.

Serie: Cover Up

Episode Title: Death in Vogue

Air Date: 1984-09-29