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Cover Up Season 1 Episode 9

Elliot Dawson, a man who once worked for Henry, who is now an author, calls him and says that he is trouble and needs help. They agree to a meeting, he is met by outrider, Jack Striker. Dawson tells Striker that all of this is in his manuscript but he could tell him more the men who are looking for him finds them and they separate, while Jack takes care of them, Dawson disappears. Henry then assigns Jack to Dani. The two of them find Dawson but he has amnesia and can’t remember anything and for some reason doesn’t want to be brought to a hospital. They then attend a fashion show organized by Lady Abigail Babcock, and her assistant, Donald Rutledge. Rutledge sees Dawson and informs a man named Malcolm Caine, who tells him to get Dawson. Henry learns of Caine and learns that he is a disreputable individual, and wants to go in on Lady Babcock proposed casino but can’t do it on his own, so he is using Rutledge. They also learn that Rutledge’s wife is in an asylum. Dawson remembers where hi

Serie: Cover Up

Episode Title: Writer Block

Air Date: 1984-11-24