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G.I. Joe Season 1 Episode 21

Mutt, Junkyard, & Ripcord are kidnapped by Cobra, so that the evil scientist, Dr. Lucifer, can test his new invention, High Freq, a device which controls the minds of animals and insects, on Junkyard. Cobra use it to gain control of an army of animals to take over the world, and send Junkyard hunting after Mutt. In exchange for High Freq, Cobra agrees to break Dr. Lucifer’s love, Dr. Attilla, out of jail. GI Joe learns of this, and has Scarlett pose as Attilla, but it’s obvious to Lucifer she is not Attilla, and Scarlett is captured. Snake-Eyes and Spirit come to the rescue, using Timber and Freedom to sneak into Cobra’s jungle castle and rescue Ripcord and Scarlet, and stop High Freq.

Serie: G.I. Joe

Episode Title: Cobra's Creatures

Air Date: 1985-09-30