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G.I. Joe Season 1 Episode 59

Cobra uses a shuttle to steal all communication satellites. That means the only television network available is the Cobra Network Television which provides programs promoting their social messages such as Father’s No Beast and new endings to classic movies. G.I. Joe first send three Joes up in Skystrikers powered by rocket boosters to take out Cobra’s satellite. They discover that it is really a space station and are blasted back down to earth. Next they have a space training program to select a group of Joes to go back up. Their Skystrikers are destroyed again by the Space Station, but the group sneaks inside. Being better trained, they defeat the Dreadnoks and destroy the Space Station, escaping in a Cobra Shuttle, thus saving the wonderful world of television.

Serie: G.I. Joe

Episode Title: The Wrong Stuff

Air Date: 1985-11-28