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G.I. Joe Season 2 Episode 11

Bree Van Mark, a cute wealthy woman, develops a crush on Lifeline after he rescues her and her father from a sinking yacht during a battle between G.I. Joe and Cobra. Lifeline discovers that Cobra is after Bree’s father, a wealthy industrialist whose holding include a defense company. But the Joes think that Bree is working for Cobra since some of her gifts, including a gold plated helicopter, have backfires. She flies off in a Tomahawk taking Lifeline with her. They head to a cabin in the Rockies and are followed by Cobra. Lifeline, who is a pacifist, must fend off Cobra until the rest of the Joes arrives.

Serie: G.I. Joe

Episode Title: The Million Dollar Medic

Air Date: 1986-10-02