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G.I. Joe Season 2 Episode 26

Wet Suit, Leatherneck, Dial Tone and their dates attend the grand opening of a trendy new night club. The club turns out to be on a Cobra rocket and is sent into orbit around earth. Serpentor demands that Dr. Mullaney surrender himself and his nitrogen fuel engine over to Cobra or they will detonate the club. Wet Suit goes outside the club and with Leatherneck’s help, disables the bombs. Meanwhile, Dr. Mullaney surrenders to Cobra. The Joes use the Nitrogen engine to bring the Club back to Earth and Dr. Mullaney escapes, when all of the Cobra jets with the new engines crash thanks to the unstable Nitrogen fuel, turning all the Cobra jets into fire bombs.

Serie: G.I. Joe

Episode Title: Joe's Night Out

Air Date: 1986-11-10