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North and South Season 2 Episode 3

(September 17, 1862 – Spring 1864) – At the bloody battle of Antietam, Charles and Billy nearly kill each other, but each allows the other to escape. Charles’s friend Ambrose is killed in the battle. Afterwards, President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation frees the slaves in the rebel Southern states. Most of the slaves leave the Main plantation in South Carolina, but a few remain. Ashton visits her family’s plantation, supposedly to see her recovering mother and sister Brett, but in reality to carry out Bent’s revenge against Orry. Ashton tells Madeline that she knows that Madeline’s mother was a high-priced black prostitute in New Orleans, and that, unless Madeline leaves Orry with no explanation, she will reveal this secret and “ruin” Orry’s public reputation. Madeline flees to Charleston where she is befriended by a suave gambler and begins working for the city’s poor and orphans who are suffering from the war. Meanwhile, Bent – who has become increasingly psychotic and unstable – begins planning to assassinate Confederate President Davis and become the dictator of the South. Billy, sick of not having seen his wife Brett for nearly two years, goes AWOL from the U.S. Army and makes his way to South Carolina, where he and Brett spend some time together. Ashton discovers Billy’s presence and goes to tell the local authorities, but Billy is saved when Brett threatens her sister with a pitchfork long enough for Billy to escape. When he returns to his regiment, his commanding officer threatens to court-martial and execute him if he ever goes AWOL again. Billy is also demoted in rank to a lowly private.

Episode Title: September 17, 1862 - Spring 1864

Air Date: 1986-05-06