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North and South Season 2 Episode 5

(December 1864 – February 1865) – The war has turned against the South. Orry and Charles save George from Libby Prison, kill the commandant in a fight, and allow George to return to the North. Madeline helps starving people in Charleston. Returning home, George learns of his brother and sister-in-law’s illegal business schemes to use cheap iron to build cannon. He forces his brother Stanley and Stanley’s wife Isabel to admit guilt. George’s sister Virgilia is accused of allowing a wounded Southern soldier to die (in fact, he caused his own death) and is fired from the hospital. Desperate for money and work, she goes to Congressman Greene for help, he gives her money in exchange for sex. Orry learns of Bent’s plan to overthrow the Confederate government. In a final fight, Orry and James Huntoon attack Bent’s hideout near Richmond. Bent is (apparently) killed when the ammunition he was hiding in a barn explodes. Ashton confesses to Orry that she helped Bent drive Madeline away, Orry tells Huntoon that he never wants to see his sister again. Ashton asks Huntoon to forgive her, he tells her that it is too late. Huntoon is not seen again and Ashton does not appear again until Episode 1 of Book III.

Episode Title: December 1864 - February 1865

Air Date: 1986-05-08