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Star Wars: Droids Season 1 Episode 12

Mungo Baobab has just about given up hope on finding Roon stones and together with the droids are about to return to Manda (Baobab’s home planet). Fearing Auren Yomwill not even say goodbye, Baobab is disheartened while the droids pick up the hunch that he has strong feelings for her. Oran however, and her father, finally arrive to see them off and Oran gives Baobab a farewell present – a roon stone. Upon seeing this, Baobab becomes determined to find out where it came from which leads the group into a haunted space craft (or so Artoo believes) where they meet the old hermit Olgun.

Olgun recognises the colours Mungo wears to be that of the Baobab clan and to Mungo’s surprise Olgun turns out to be his great uncle. Olgun tells them that he was marooned on Roon (bit of poetry there for you) years ago and has since searched for roon stones, coming up with six bags full. He gives this treasure to Mungo along with a survival kit before passing on. Mungo becomes determined to follow in his un

Episode Title: Across the Roon Sea

Air Date: 1985-11-23