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Star Wars: Droids Season 1 Episode 13

Mungo Baobab and the Droids along with Auren Yomand her father, continue their pursuit for Roon stones but when General Koong decides to spray the deadly virus Ruse over Umboon (Oran and Neils Yon’s village) our heroes rush back to find Oran’s mother affected by the virus. Meanwhile on board General Koong’s vessel, there a is Ruse leak and though Admiral Screed and his stormtroopers have protection, Koong finds himself contaminated too and demands Gaff capture Neils Yon – the only being who may be able to cure him. Gaff and his henchman successfully capture Neils Yon and take Oran as incentive that Mungo Baobab wont do anything rash. Mungo and the droids set off to Tontoon to rescue their friends where R2-D2 runs into a molecular disruptor which causes him to momentarily shrink and Threepio learns the whereabouts of the Roon stones. Can our heroes rescue Oran and Neils Yon and can a cure be found to save their village?

Episode Title: The Frozen Citadel

Air Date: 1985-11-30