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Star Wars: Droids Season 1 Episode 2

While traveling to the Bakda speeder races, Thall, Jord, Kea, C3PO, and R2D2 are forced to make a detour to the planet Annoo to pick up a hyperdrive unit after their ship’s unit is lost due to Threepio’s incompetence. Living on Annoo is Kea’s mother whom they visit as well as Tig Fromme’s father Sise Fromme, the notorious gang master. Sise learns of Thall and Jord’s eminent arrival and prepares to deal with them. On Annoo, the droids discover a secret rebel base deep inside Kea’s mother’s house, linking her with the rebel alliance. That night a droid, sent by Sise and Tig Fromme, attacks Thall, but Kea saves him by destroying it. Kea’s mother than explains to Thall and Jord that Tig Fromme is building the Trigon 1, a powerful weapon satellite, and he was trying to destroy Thall because he and Jord knows of its location, which Sise wants to keep secret. She then tells them that their only hope is to destroy the Trigon 1 before it leaves for Tig Fromme’s base on Ingo. Jord then comes up

Episode Title: Escape Into Terror

Air Date: 1985-09-14