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Star Wars: Droids Season 1 Episode 3

On Ingo, Thall and R2D2 go to hide the Trigon 1 from Sise Fromme and his gang, leaving Kea and C3PO at a speeder shop. A band of Sise Fromme’s clone soldiers ambush Kea and Threepio, while Thall and Artoo are away. They return from hiding it, however, in time to save them from the ambush, and the four speed away from the clones in the White Witch. The clones jump into their speeders and chase them into a trap they prepared. The captured heros are brought to Tig Fromme’s stronghold where he interrogates them, demanding to know the location of the Trigon 1. Tig also reveals that he has captured Jord and Kea’s mother as well, and that they will not be freed unless he learns of the location of the Trigon. Thall then demands to speak with Tig’s father, Sise Fromme. Thall tells Sise the location, though he withholds the fact that he and Artoo rigged it to collide with Fromme’s stronghold, thus destroying it. Sise sends Tig to retrieve it on Ingo, and, instead of freeing Jord and Kea’s mother

Episode Title: The Trigon Unleashed

Air Date: 1985-09-21