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Star Wars: Droids Season 1 Episode 5

The droids get a job in a cafe on a mining planet and are soon to lose it due to their clumsy antics. To find another master they place themselves in a droid auction but along with an android they get sold to one of the creatures from the cafe – Yorbo, a known droid abuser. Luckily a young miner named Jann Tosh witnesses how the droids are treated by their new owner and decides to trade his newly acquired mining droid for Artoo, Threepio and the android. Yorbo tells his boss, Kleb Zellock of his prize for which Kleb Zellock notices Jann Tosh – whom he has a bounty on – and demands Yorbo to catch them. Quickly, Tosh and the droids make their escape. Tosh takes the droids back to his home where he is cursed at by his uncle for not bringing back the mining droid. Suddenly the android falls from Tosh’s speeder and alerts their attention. Artoo tells Threepio that the stranger is not in fact an android but a pure lifeform for which Threepio relays the message. Jann removes the stranger’s

Episode Title: The Lost Prince

Air Date: 1985-10-05