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Star Wars: Droids Season 1 Episode 7

The droids, Jess Meade and Jann Tosh are on their way to Tammuz-An with the precious cargo of fuel which is to be used to build up Mon Julpa’s defences. During their trip however they are attacked by Kybo Ren and his pirates who, using a tractor beam, manage to take control of both the cargo ship and Jann’s A-wing fighter and transports them to the water planet of Tarnoonga. Upon arrival Jess is taken to Ren’s quarters to be his companion while Jann Tosh and the droids are to meet their fates with a large sea monster. Managing to escape the sea monster, Tosh and the droids soon discover that Kybo Ren and his army are planning to attack Tammuz-An. As they regroup with Jess who also manages to escape, they make it to their respective ships – Meade hops aboard the cargo ship while Jann and the droids get inside Jann’s A-wing – and leave Tarnoonga. On their way back to Tammuz-An however they find themselves once again at Kybo Ren’s mercy as he displays his secret weapon – a stolen star

Episode Title: The Pirates of Tarnoonga

Air Date: 1985-10-19