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The Magician Season 1 Episode 20

A statue of an Egyptian cat on display in a museum is this episode’s main attraction. It is believed by the Egyptians that incarnated inside the statue of the Ramses Cat is an Egyptian god. They also believe the statue belongs back in Egypt, not in a private museum. Not long after the museum curator turns down the Egyptians’ final offer of one million dollars for the statue, the statue disappears, even though it has numerous alarms and obstacles protecting it! Enter Tony Blake, professional magician hired by the museum’s insurance company to investigate the supposed “”impossible”” theft. As Tony follows the trail and starts to get close to some answers, he finds his suspects dead before he can ask any more questions. All have been torn apart by a large animal–with large claws. Has the spirit of the Ramses Cat been unleashed and is it seeking revenge? Will Tony get attacked by the animal too? Will he survive? That Tony Blake is pretty tricky, and, as usual, he manages to solve the myster

Serie: The Magician

Episode Title: The Illusion of the Cat's Eye

Air Date: 1974-03-25